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Friday, May 3, 2019

Aloe-vera के 200+ फायदे आपकी सेहत के लिए

          Benifits of herbal aloe-vera 

About Aloe Vera  Aloe vera rises with a small plant before it was found in the wild but nowadays we meet it everywhere and today people keep them in their house.It looks very small to appear and it is also a bit taller and it is bitten in both sides And the color of it is green and it rises on the ground just below it is not that it is very long like a tree. So let's show you the photo of it too.

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Although in today's modern times, there are some people who believe in these herbal things even today.And nowadays people also cultivate it because it does not have a benefit of its benefits and benefits and benefits as well as its losses, because of which aloe-vera is very much its kind, so much as you Can not think and the greatest loss happens to us when Aloe-vera is engaged in our house and we use it without any thought and the biggest thing is that we do not know that ours At which time they Which variety is engaged Aloe-Vera that is beneficial to our skin or not.So most of all I would like to tell you that you are using Aloe-Vera whether it is for skin or hair, so first of all, check the kind of variety that it is and what kind of investigation is done. Microscop I Go to lab

Benefits Of Aloe-vera 
So Friends Let's Start Benefits of Drinking Aloe-Vera Juice

*Aloe vera juice is consumed by drinking all our food
*This makes our eyes light faster
*It protects our body from many diseases
*It never causes pain in our head, and there is no chance of being a migraine
*With this we have less obesity, if we run races and drink it
*It does not have Asthamatic problem, if someone is you, then take Baba Ramdev's aloe vera juice and with half a spoon of ginger extract his juice of half a spoon just because he is very hot and drink 3 months regularly. You will not have this disease again in life
*This keeps your BP in control and also the sugar as it is BP that is also Shugar
*It is very beneficial for mental health, if it happens, then do it for a regular course.
*It is very beneficial for your skin. Do not direct it to you. Before you know that you have Aloe Vera, it is beneficial for a skin, or you should test your aloe vera with a good doctor or you can Tomorrow even in the normal market, aloeveera skin product is very much like
      1) Skin gel
      2) Skin facewash
      3) Skin Care Cream
*Sunburn is also very beneficial for Aloe vera, whether you have your home aloe vera, you know that it had done it before, no problem, or you have been tested by dr, you can use it directly. Can you
*If you have any fungal infection, it is also very good for that
*The biggest advantage of this is that if you use it for your hair, then the biggest thing is to stop your dandruff and it will make your hair longer and become dense.
*Even if your hair is white, you can do it, which will give you a few days to start seeing the results. Me means that whatever hair you have will start getting black
*And if you have constipation, you will have juice of pajia, you will feel relaxed after a while
*And if your teeth is worn by a worm or your skin becomes yellow, then you should do it toothpaste, which will be very beneficial to you, what will happen to your person who will be healed, and then your teeth whiten
*If you have any injuries on your hands or on your bread, you get a tube of it, use it, so that you will get relief from your pain and if you do not do it then you should go to a doctor
*The biggest advantage of this is that it keeps your calorie intensified as if you drink regular juice of its juice.
*One advantage of this is that if anything happens on your face such as Pimple Blackness, or if you are young, I too look old, then it will be Aloeveera and its prison and face will remove your sari's troubles and use floods Your face will glow at once if you use it correctly
*Nowadays, some people are eating it even after making a vegetable because it is considered a nutritious diet because it contains all the other vegetables which I do not have so much vitamins, minerals which are very beneficial for your health.
*If you mix this Aloe vera with GEl in your hair color then your hair looks very spectacular and miraculous, and the viewer will also get ready
*When you apply it in marriage, if you apply Aloe Vera in your Mehandi, then your color will change in color too and the color will also increase. You will be able to see your relative from far away. Will only go
*During your pregnancy, when your tummy falls on the mark, then use the aloe vera on it. Well, whatever your scalp gets, it will disappear within 2 months.
*When you make your beard, then at that time the marks of the cut on your face will be in the gully, then you surely set Aloe Vera prison and soon you can relieve the pain.
*If you have got a bit of a paddy, then there is a lot of pan or you should do it for a little bit of aloevera if you do not do that suits, then I will not advise you that you do it, then at that time you have a doctor Should get advice
(Note, if you are allergic to aloe vera , by applying or by taking juice or any other skin problem, you should not use aloe vera then)

(Note: - If your body, skin or your hair is aloevera gel, cream, facewash, or drinking it juice, you or your skin feels jealousy, please do not use it again because of using it anyway You or your skin may have any side-effects if some side-effect is also done, then you should inform the doctor at the same time or ask for advice before using it)

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