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Saturday, June 29, 2019

अपना खुद का Website कैसे बनाएं और इससे कैसे पैसे कमाए

Benefits create you own website

You have many benefits to building your site. So let's start how you build your own website.So I would like to tell you the first time that what you have to do first you have to keep in mind that what your business are about to make you the site of the same business, will tell you today in the form of a site.And secondly, you would like to know that you post the same related business in the business site you are building and then you have to seo your site. Seo I have already mentioned in my previous post about what seo happens and how it works And after doing all this, you have to wait some time for minimum 1-2 months And after that your site will start to rank and you will have 2 benefits from this one. Whatever your business is your product is sold and the second benefit is that you will also get money from your website as the visitor brings foot to your site.

How to create Your website

So first you have to do what you will be searching for in Google And watch this video full details in step by step and create your site, grow your business and many more benefits in following..

  1. Increase your business with this
  2. You can earn money in it, one by two, by selling your product online, and another from your website.
  3. If you have a YouTube channel then put a link in it, then you will also get good traffic on your site and on YouTube
  4. In addition to this, if you have linked a Facebook page, then you can also increase like 
  5. This will increase your publicity
  6. You can earn good money from this
  7. Grow your customer
  8. You will get a direct link with Google
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