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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Apple iphone xr - price, full specifications & Feature At sehajmaan

iphone XR full specification overview

Iphone xr
Pics credit to (pricebaba)

Hello friends my name is sahaj and you are on our official website, friends you know that today in full trends Apple mobile live friends i am talking today most popular mobile (iphone-xr) about. today we are going to talk about what is its price and what its features, and friends, we will also tell you whether you should take it or not, First of all, I tell you the friends who are the founders of Apple Mobile Company who have discovered their name.(RonaldwayneThose who discovered it today and today they are at the top level because of your hard work.And the establishment of this company 1 Apr. 1976 in Steve jobs, steve wozniak and ronald wain had done.So let's start Iphone-xr about this mobile Apple launched three mobile launches this year on September, the cheapest of which is the mobile iphone xr and its features are very good and nowadays there are some new things that have been developed such as the camera which is the first of which is the normal iphone x had two cameras behind it and if I talk about an iPhone camera then that brother is the best, whether the mobile is small or big and if we talk about iphone xr's display in it 6.1 inch lcd display is given as well as it 6 types has been launched in color And the first sale of this phone was started on october 17- 2018 and if you also created a mood to buy this phone, then you must read this review first.

6.1 Inch    
A12 Bionic chip
Front camera
7 Mega-pixel
Rear camera
12 Mega-pixel
2942 mAh
Dual (neon+esim)
64 GB - Rs.76,900
128 GB - Rs.81,900
256 GB –Rs. 91,000

Final call : Bought or not bought?
If you are a fan of Apple company's mobile and you do not have a lot of budget, then my friends will advise you that Apple xr be the best for you and most of the features are available which are available in iPhone xs and iphone max and Friends, this mobile is definitely not the same as the iPhone X in the back view but you will find more features than the iphone x.And the best thing is that the iphone xs is small and which is the iphone xs max, it is very big, so friends are mobile with their center which is very good for you.